UltraCella in Cold room applications

The innovative solution for your cold rooms

  • More control…

    • Control up to 2 additional features
    • 2nd compressor
    • Pump down
    • Condenser fan
    • Humidification system
    • Variable speed evaporator fan management

    More sensing…

    • up to 4 temperature probes (NTC / PT1000)
    • Intelligent logic based on average
    • measurement of 2 temperature sensors
    • Humidity sensor

  • Easy commissioning

    • Easy commissioning thanks to simple pre-settings
    • Possibility to connect a graphic display for simple configuration wizard

  • USB

    • Configuration export:
    after commissioning you can save parameters on USB key… for your next cold room
    • HACCP:
    - temperature and alarm data logging
    - user can save data easily to a USB key

  • Easy to install

    Easy to install

    Thanks to track for DIN rail for fast wall mounting and standard screw fixing, more GND terminals for sensors and wide 7,5mm relay terminals and in voltage 230Vac relays.

  • Easy commissioning

    Easy commissioning

    Thanks to configuration through wizard, available on pGD1 Service Tool (optional) and to 10 preset receipts, inside as standard, for main food conservation room types.

  • Easy to use

    Easy to use

    Thanks to USB port to dowload temperature data logging (HACCP)
    download / upload receiptsIntuitive built-in HMI with big display.

Ultrasonic humidifiers


humiSonic is the ideal choice for humidity control in cold rooms and precision applications.

Thanks to its compact design and capacity modulation, humiSonic is easy to install and precise in meeting humidity demand.

Directly driven by the CAREL cold room controller

humiSonic guarantees considerable energy saving when compared to common steam generators.

-90% Energy consumption

The size of the droplets produced (average diameter of 0.005 mm) means the atomised water is quickly absorbed in the surrounding area, thus preventing possible condensation.