CAREL in the world

CAREL in the world

The company is consolidated internationally (80% of sales are made outside of Italy), and operates both directly through subsidiaries and an organisation that is present in around eighty countries.
Indeed, since the early nineties, CAREL has been operating abroad through a number of subsidiaries. Currently, these are:

CAREL France: the first foreign subsidiary, opened in Lyon in 1992, deals with the French, Belgian and Luxembourg markets.

CAREL France was established by CAREL Industries in order to respond more effectively to requirements in the French, Belgian, Luxembourg and Maghreb markets. The Group's first foreign subsidiary, the expertise of local staff is backed by the knowledge and technology of headquarters.
After fifteen years of operations, CAREL France is today a proven partner in the fields of air conditioning, humidification and refrigeration. A staff of 16 people is available to provide solutions to the environmental issues of tomorrow within our fields of specialisation.

CAREL Deutschland: German subsidiary established in 1996, handles the German, Austrian and Swiss markets.

CAREL Deutschland GmbH is a CAREL group company located in Gelnhausen, near Frankfurt. As a subsidiary of CAREL INDUSTRIES S.p.A., the company is responsible for sales of all CAREL products in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. CAREL Deutschland has been supporting customers and partners since 1996 in the fields of air-conditioning, refrigeration and humidification. Being an innovative technology company, the emphasis is on the development of our products and working hard to find the best solutions for our customers and their applications.

CAREL Sud America: founded in 1998, deals with the Brazilian market. Since 2010 it is also a production site.

CAREL Sud America was established in 1998 and deals with the Brazilian market for humidification systems, air-conditioning controllers, refrigeration controllers, monitoring systems and Retail applications.
In 2011, CAREL Sud America inaugurated a new manufacturing plant, in the Valinhos industrial district around 100 km north-west of Sao Paulo.
Carel Sud America Instrumentaçao Eletronica Ltda., the trading company, has also moved to the same site.
The new manufacturing plant – where construction started in September 2010 - covers an area of more than 1000 square metres, and is a green field development, built new to Carel specifications, in the same way as all other Carel production sites in Italy and abroad.
The Brazilian factory deals with production of electronic solutions for the HVAC/R industry, so as to respond to growing demand on the Brazilian market and in the Americas.

CAREL UK: also founded in 1998, manages the British and Irish markets.

CAREL UK was established in 1998 to operate specifically with the requirements & needs of the UK & Irish markets. CAREL UK is a commercial subsidiary of CAREL INDUSTRIES whose core business is split into 4 areas: Humidification Systems, Air Conditioning Control Systems, Refrigeration Control Systems, and Retail Control & Monitoring Systems.

Each business division is supported by its own team of staff with specialist skills in their field. The UK subsidiary comprises of Sales teams, Technical Engineers, After-sales division, Software division, Marketing division & Administration. As a manufacturer focused on system solutions, not just products, CAREL UK is structured to provide the following services:

  • Site surveys
  • Design consultation
  • Cost proposals
  • Software development
  • Installation services
  • Commissioning
  • Maintenance contracts

This has allowed CAREL to grow into the market leader for OEM AC Controls & OEM humidifiers in the UK market. With a strategy strongly focused on technology, quality and innovation, CAREL UK has seen considerable growth and in 2009 purchased new premises in Chessington which will provide improved facilities and services for its customers and staff. The brand new fit out includes a purpose built training facility for our A/C Controls, Refrigeration Controls, Retail solutions and Humidifiers.

CAREL Asia: opened in 2000, covers the entire east Asian market, except for China.

CAREL Asia was founded in 2000 and covers the entire east Asian market, except for China. The sales office is in Hong Kong and directly manages the markets CAREL operates in: refrigeration controllers, air-conditioning controllers, supervision and monitoring systems, humidification systems.

CAREL Australia: established in 2001, this subsidiary coordinates business in the Australian and New Zealand markets.

CAREL Australia has been operating in Australia since 1995. Head office and central warehouse is located in Sydney with sales and engineering support offices located in Melbourne and Brisbane. From these offices CAREL Australia manages the markets of Australia and New Zealand through a strong network of wholesalers and partner distributors.
Our sales team travel the country regularly and are available to provide selection advice as well as product training. Additionally a dedicated technical support team are available to assist with free phone support for all products sold in our market. Upon request site support / commissioning can be arranged.

CAREL USA: also founded in 2001, deals with the North American and Mexican markets, as well as operating a production site.

CAREL USA was founded in January 1990 as DGH Systems. DGH Systems distributed CAREL Humidification systems and Air Conditioning Controls in the United States from their manufacturing plant located in Lancaster, PA. In 2000, DGH Systems became part of the CAREL Group and was renamed CAREL USA, LLC. The company continues to produce Humidification systems and distribute Air Conditioning Controls and has become a leading player in the North American HVAC market.
In need of space to accommodate their continued growth, in December 2004 CAREL USA bought 11 acres of land in Manheim, PA (20 minutes north of Lancaster, PA) and built a new 40,000 square foot facility. Shortly thereafter, the company entered the Refrigeration Controls market and began to promote CAREL electronic controls in North America. In 2008, the internal quality system was audited and formally certified as per ISO9001:2000 Quality Standards.
While CAREL USA continued to expand its manufacturing and engineering capabilities, it also expanded its reach to a broader range of HVAC and Refrigeration customers with a more widespread sales network. Regional representatives and factory employees are located throughout North America and work together with our customers to contribute to their success.
Today, CAREL USA continues to lead the market with innovative products that are built on sound quality standards and that help customers achieve superior performances while limiting energy usage and reducing CO2 footprint.

CAREL Electronic (Suzhou): opened at the end of 2005, this is a production site located in Suzhou (Jiangsu region, around 100 km from Shanghai). Also includes a sales office for the Chinese market (PRC).
CAREL Electronic

CAREL Electronic (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. was established in 2005, and is located in Suzhou, around 80 km from Shanghai and 130 km from Pudong international airport. The CAREL Suzhou Factory is a WFOE (Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise), controlled 100% by CAREL INDUSTRIES S.p.A. (CAREL HQ).

China is one of the most attractive markets, with 10% GDP growth, and many of the company's main OEM's from Europe, the USA, etc, are increasing their operations in China, making a manufacturing site serving the East Asian market is an important nerve centre for the company. Furthermore, this allows products to be sold directly on the local market at competitive prices, avoiding customs duties and import costs, and obviously shortening the supply chain.

CAREL's facilities around the world are identical because they follow the same processes and quality standards, meaning CAREL products made at the Suzhou factory have the same level of quality and reliability as the products manufactured by CAREL INDUSTRIES S.p.A.

CAREL Suzhou employs around 170 people, covers a total of 4000 sq.m, divided into 3400 sq.m of manufacturing and warehouse on two floors, and 600 sq.m of offices on the 3rd floor. Over the past four years, CAREL China has achieved significant sales, and manufactures 100% Chinese components. It is an essential commercial hub for the company, fully covering the East Asian markets, in addition to China, and also represents a "disaster recovery" site, offering further guarantees to customers. Production involves both finished products and assemblies, so as to more flexibly satisfy customer requirements.
The Suzhou subsidiary was founded and operates in exactly the same way as headquarters in Brugine, Italy. The CAREL model, customer focus, technological innovation, superior product reliability, service and respect for the environment all represent the basis for the establishment and operation of all CAREL production plants abroad.
The added value of this site in China also comes from the consolidation of a strong team that has remained constant over the years.
During 2006, a world-leading certification organisation issued ISO 9001:2000 certification for CAREL Electronic (Suzhou) Co Ltd. This certification, issued after just one audit, attests that the processes at our Chinese facilities comply with ISO procedures for the manufacture of CAREL products.
The products made at CAREL Electronic (Suzhou) are compliant with the RoHS standards, which prohibit the use of hazardous substances, such as cadmium and lead, in the member states of the European Union.
The procedures applied are the same as those implemented by CAREL INDUSTRIES S.p.A.., with staff continuing to receive training from CAREL headquarters in Italy. Similarly, the production processes reflect the procedures followed by CAREL HQ: the same production methods, verification procedures, and even the same types of SMD and test equipment have been transferred from HQ.

CAREL Ibérica: established in 2007 to cover the Spanish and Portuguese markets, its headquarters are in Barcelona, with a local office in Madrid.

CAREL Controls Ibérica is the CAREL Industries subsidiary serving Spain and Portugal. Created in 1979 as ATROL, S.A., the company deals with the sale and distribution of components and systems for control of air conditioning, refrigeration and humidification.
In 1986 the company started working with CAREL as distributors of its products for Spain, and later entered the CAREL group as the subsidiary for Spain and Portugal at the end of 2006.
CAREL Controls Ibérica has its headquarters in modern facilities equipped with a 700 sq.m store, 400 sq.m of offices and 150 sq.m of training rooms, arranged on 3 floors, located in the "Polígono Industrial del Plà" industrial area in Sant Feliu de Llobregat, 11 km from Barcelona.
A sales office is also located in Madrid.
More than 30 years of experience and a team of 20 people allow the company to offer the best solutions in adiabatic and isothermal humidification, from calculation to commissioning and after-sales service, as well as the design and implementation of control systems for both refrigeration and air conditioning.

CAREL India: founded in 2008, covers the Indian market, based in Mumbai.

CAREL India is a 100% owned subsidiary of CAREL INDUSTRIES S.p.A., Italy. Although CAREL has been present on the Indian market for almost 10 years now, the subsidiary has been operating since 2008, and is headquartered in Mumbai.

CAREL South Africa: founded in 2008, deals with the South African market and is based in Johannesburg.

The company is headquartered in Johannesburg and serves the HVAC/R industry on a national basis.
CAREL Controls was established in June 2008 and is made up of a workforce with more than 15 years of combined industry experience. CAREL Controls provides complete solutions for its customers and has a professional workforce able to provide solutions for humidification through to control monitoring systems.

CAREL Controls South Africa‘s vision for the South African market is to create four key benefits:

  1. Strong positioning in the HVAC/R control systems in South Africa
  2. More flexible and powerful products for the HVAC/R South African Market.
  3. Global growth opportunity.
  4. Dynamic workplace for employees.
CAREL Russia: in 2009 a representative office was opened in Russia. This was the starting point for the establishment, in 2010, of the new Group subsidiary "Carel Russia Llc", with headquarters in St. Petersburg and an office in Moscow.

Representative office opened in Russia in 2009 as the starting point for establishing a new Group subsidiary. Responsible for promotion and support of CAREL business in the Russian Federation, its headquarters are in St. Petersburg, with another office in Moscow.

CAREL HVAC/R Korea: opened at the end of 2009, this representative office manages the refrigeration, air-conditioning and humidification markets in Korea.

CAREL HVAC&R Korea Ltd. is the CAREL representative office that manages the refrigeration, air-conditioning and humidification markets.
This allows its partner, CAREL Korea Co Ltd., CAREL's specialist partner for the last 12 years, to focus on retail, a market niche that CAREL Korea has been successfully managing for many years.

CAREL Nordic: established in 2013, this subsidiary manages HVAC/R business in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Iceland and Estonia.

In January 2013, CAREL further consolidated its international presence by opening its fourteenth foreign subsidiary, CAREL Nordic, based in Sweden. The new company deals with marketing of Carel products and before- and after-sales service in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Estonia and Iceland. Managing director of Carel Nordic is Lennart Persson, a professional with extensive experience in AC/R (Air-Conditioning / Refrigeration).

CAREL Middle East, established in 2014.

The CAREL Group subsidiaries operate directly in their reference geographic area, while coming under the umbrella of headquarters both departmentally and as regards company hierarchy. Moreover, CAREL has created three "virtual" subsidiaries: CAREL Italy, CAREL Northern & Central Europe and CAREL Southern Europe & Middle East. The "virtual" subsidiaries operate in all countries that are not managed directly by the other Group subsidiaries.
In addition these, the company also has special commercial relationships with its "affiliates". Currently these are: CAREL Thailand, CAREL Korea, CAREL Turkey, CAREL Ireland, CAREL Spol (it covers the Czech and Slovak markets), Carel Mexicana and CAREL Japan. The affiliates are coordinated by one of the subsidiaries, based on its geographic location. The subsidiaries also deal with customer support and the customisation of software for HVAC/R applications upon customer request; compared to our competitors, our strategy is to operate in and support the markets through a sales network that is as direct as possible at a global level. For this reason, the CAREL sales network is completed by dozens of agents and distributors located all over the world, which report directly to their reference subsidiary.