Arianna S.p.A.

Arianna S.p.A. is a company specialising in the design and manufacture of LED lighting systems that feature an international patent on total reflection. Founded in 2009 by Alberto Giovanni Gerli, the company's CEO, Arianna joined the Carel Group in 2012.
In 2014 Arianna was recognised as an innovative start-up.


The international patent on total reflection has revolutionised the optical principle of diffusion in traditional lighting. This system consists of an internal reflector that collects and combines the light emissions, and then casts them uniformly onto the ground.
Tangible results are obtained in terms of energy savings and visual comfort.
The total reflection patent has been recognised by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, making it applicable also in the United States.


Technology, innovation and energy savings are the guidelines that underlie Arianna's operations and growth. The company's research is the basis for the development of products that increasingly meet customer demands, following an approach focused on continual improvement. Certifications and awards received guarantee the quality of the company's work and the reliability of the products developed for public and industrial LED lighting.

Business areas

The first products developed by Arianna were designed for public lighting. Patented and innovative streetlights for country and city roads, bike paths, parks and gardens, and car parks. As well as floodlights for roundabouts and tunnels, which maximise efficiency and energy savings.
Following Carel's acquisition of a stake in the company, Arianna has designed a line of products for professional indoor lighting: large retail areas, stores, background and accent lighting for supermarkets.

Energy saving

Arianna's investments in innovation have also led to an effective policy being established regarding energy saving. Naturally, a product's value is not measured only in terms of reduction in power consumption, but above all the extent to which it optimises performance. From this viewpoint, all the lights designed and manufactured by Arianna combine these two aspects. Energy savings both add value and represent an objective to be achieved.