01:54 Wednesday 19 June
  • Evaporative cooling
    Cooling the air with water
  • Heos sistema
    CAREL product offering for high efficiency waterloop systems
  • Innovative solution for cold rooms
    The latest CAREL technology in controls and ultrasonic humidifiers
  • c.pCO
    The new family of connected programmable controller
  • Energy savings in the AHU/duct
    CAREL humidifiers for minimising condensation and heat loss

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  • 中国制冷展

    Peking, China


    Tokyo, Japan

  • ATMOsphere Asia 2016

    Tokyo, Japan


  • High Efficiency solutions High Efficiency solutions

    Can protecting the environment be reconciled with our industrialised society? Yes, today this is possible.

  • Success Stories Success Stories

    Description and analisys of several installations in which CAREL solutions make the difference.