“Evaporative Cooling” book

“Evaporative Cooling” book

CAREL has published a new book: "Evaporative Cooling".

As you know, evaporative cooling is a green technique for reducing the electric energy consumption of cooling equipments (dry cooler, chillers, etc.) yet maintaining the capability of the whole cooling system of abating the heat gains.

Cooling is partially/fully achieved by exploiting the spontaneous evaporation of water in the air: in fact, when 1 kg of water evaporates in 1 hour, it absorbs approx. 700 W from the surrounding air (1 lb of water evaporating in 1 hour absorbs approx. 1,100 BTU/hr from the surrounding air). When water evaporation is triggered through a device that consumes a small amount of energy, then that evaporative-cooling device becomes greener than an equivalent, traditional cooling equipment, like a dry cooler or a chiller. For instance, there are products like our humiFog that use as low as 5 Welectric per (L/hr) of sprayed water to generate around 700 W of cooling out of each (L/hr) of sprayed water: the ratio cooling power/input power is as good as 140:1 (= 700/5 in SI); in IP this becomes 485:1 (BTU/hr)/Welectric (5 Welectric per (L/hr) = 2.3 Welectric per (lbs/hr) è 1,100 / 2.3 = 485:1)!

Our book on evaporative cooling addresses both the physical and application aspects of this green technique, which is becoming more and more frequent for comfort cooling, data centres, abating heat gains in printing facilities, textile factories and everywhere where water evaporation can be used for doing cooling. The last chapter of the book also reports some stories that have become success thanks to evaporative cooling.

The book is currently already available in Italian and English; it is being translated into Russian and German and, upon request and availability, also into other languages.

Please send us an e-mail with your details to bu_humidification@carel.com . We will contact you with details on how to obtain a copy of the publication.