Heos sistema


High efficiency showcase controller for waterloop systems

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  • waterloop

    Waterloop system

    • 80% Refrigerant charge reduction: no long refrigerant pipes
    • 40 times leakage reduction (1-2%): no on-site welding
    • TEWI (total equivalent warming impact) reduction
    • System design flexibility : wide sales area, easy layout change
    • Installation simplicity and cost reduction
    • Factory tested units: high reliability, maintenance cost reduction
    • Self contained unit: always maximum efficiency, perfect food temperature control
    • Free cooling only or chiller depending on outside temperature

  • DC

    Brushless DC compressors

    • High efficiency at part load: specifically designed to work at part load
    • Wide modulation range: from 15 to 90rps
    - size and weight reduction
    - perfect control stability
    • Rotary compressors: best match between performance and price

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    • Optimum food temperature control
    • Full control of refrigeration unit
    • Best efficiency guaranteed by BLDC compressors and EEV control
    • COP calculation
    • Compressor envelope control: safe working conditions always granted
    • Predictive algorithms and real defrost on demand

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